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Premier Dental has provided this educational blog as a resource to the community. Our hope is that this blog will cover subjects that you and your family may be interested in.

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How Sugar Reacts With Teeth

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Premier Dental
Sugar is that sweet substance we humans just cannot get enough of. Whether it is a pastry, ice cream, a candy bar, or a good old-fashioned lollipop, we are prone to the obvious greatest inventions of mankind. Unfortunately, sugar is not great for our teeth. We have all heard the old adages of avoiding sugar for our teeth, and how teeth cause cavities. So what is the deal with sugar? Today we explore what it really means to have a sweet tooth. Important Facts About Sugar Humans absolutely crave sugar regularly, and this fact is already well established. Unfortunately for us, bacteria also enjoy some sugar, too. Our mouth has abundant droves and colonies of bacteria inside it. While not all of it is bad, the harmful bacteria really enjoy sugar. When we eat, we leave hardly visible amounts of residue, and that is where the bacteria thrive. While feeding on the residue left on teeth, bacteria continue to grow and grow. How do cavities form, though? The harmful bacteria feeding on sugar produce an acid that reacts with the minerals of the teeth and it microscopically begins to break down your tooth physically. Over time this mine grows deeper and wider, and when it passes that defensive layer of teeth, it just continues until it cannot any further. Proper brushing and fluoride treatments keep the teeth in their best shape by not only removing any residue bacteria can feed off of, but also in many instances wiping away and killing bacteria at the same time. There are plenty of helpful minerals used to combat any decay, but the most important step is stopping that decay from occurring, to begin with. Limiting sugar, and brushing regularly stops bacteria from multiplying early. If you have any questions about sugar, teeth, cavities, and general dental health, have confidence in contacting our office today....

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Premier Dental has provided this educational blog as a resource to the community. Our hope is that this blog will cover subjects that you may be interested in.
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