When Are Antibiotics Necessary For A Tooth Infection

Posted on 3/7/2022 by Premier Dental
When Are Antibiotics Necessary For A Tooth InfectionIf you have an infection in your mouth, it is vital to see a dentist as soon as you can so you can prevent the disease from spreading. Most likely, when there is an infection present, your dentist will prescribe an antibiotic to kill the bacteria that caused your infection. If the condition is caught early on, it can be treated easily. A tooth infection occurs when there is an infection between the gum line and jaw at the tooth's root. A condition in your tooth can be excruciating and become unbearable. Unfortunately, if an infection gets worse, it can even spread to your brain and cause much damage.

Recommended Antibiotics For Teeth Infections

Some symptoms of an infected tooth are pain while eating, bad breath, bitter taste, swollen neck glands, gums, or jaw, fever, tooth sensitivity, and throbbing toothache. The type of antibiotic that you would need for a tooth infection solely depends on the type of bacteria that caused the condition in the first place. Different antibiotics attack different bacteria. Penicillin and amoxicillin are two of the most common antibiotics prescribed for teeth infections. Some people are allergic to penicillin, and in this case, Erythromycin is an alternative. Some natural remedies for ailments are saltwater, baking soda, oregano, clove, thyme oil, cold compress packs, and garlic.

Suppose you are experiencing symptoms of a tooth infection such as swelling, throbbing and persistent pain, and sensitivity to pressure or temperature. In that case, it's vital to see a doctor or dentist as soon as possible. If your dentist does prescribe you antibiotics, be sure to follow all of the directions and finish the whole prescription. Even if you think your infection is minimal, know that it can quickly become severe without proper treatment. Things can take a turn very quickly, so it's best not to wait too long to get treatment for your infection.

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