Root Canal

Diagram of tooth showing tooth rootAt Premier Dental, you can receive quality root canal treatment from our qualified dentists. Our team will correctly diagnose your problem and advise on the perfect solution for your dental condition. Teeth are prone to dental ailments. Tooth decay and infection are the most common dental problems. To safeguard your decayed and infected tooth, a root canal can be an effective dental procedure to treat your teeth.

What Is Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal is a term used to describe the cavity in the center of the tooth. A root canal treatment is basically a dental process that helps treat the decayed tooth. The pulp or pulp chamber is situated in the root canal, and that is where the tooth nerves lie. Tooth nerves function as a sensory device that detects and transmits hot and cold sensations.

Why Root Canal?

Our experts explain that root canal is done to eradicate bacteria from the decayed root canal, prevent it from getting re-infected and preserving dental health. Without performing a root canal, your tooth can get decayed to the extent of complete removal.

How to Know If You Need Root Canal?

From cracked or broken teeth to deep cavities, every decayed tooth-related issue requires root canals. Generally, patients go for root canals when they understand that their teeth are sensitive to hot and cold sensations. The symptoms that indicate that your tooth requires a root canal may include severe pain in the gum and tooth when you chew or bite, pimple and patches on gums, cracked or chipped tooth, extreme sensitivity to hot and cold items, tender and swollen gums, and unusual darkening of gums.

Procedure of a Root Canal

With our dentists, a proper root canal would take two-three visits. Depending on the severity of the decay, the treatment may be stretched. We begin by taking an x-ray to determine the shape of the root canal and detect if the infection has extended to the bone. Next, you will be given local anesthesia to numb the tooth and its surrounding area. Our dentist will place a rubber dam around your tooth to avoid saliva excretion during the treatment. Then a hole is drilled into the tooth to remove the decayed nerves and excess debris. We use root canal files to clean the area, gradually the files are increased in diameter to scrub the sides of the tooth. After this, sodium hypochlorite is flushed into the tooth to remove the remaining debris.

The tooth is sealed after the thorough cleaning. We use a temporary filling to fill the exterior hole until the next appointment for completing the process. A sealer paste and rubber compound is used to fill the interiors of the tooth. In the final step, we secure the filling with a crown that protects it from further decay.

A root canal is an important treatment to save the natural tooth and restore your dental health. It is one of the crucial dental treatments that require professional knowledge and practical know-how to perform correctly. Contact us Premier Dental at one of our three convenient locations to find out if you qualify to undergo this dental treatment.

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