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Rendering of jaw with dental crown Dental crowns are one of several types of dental restoration we perform at Premier Dental. They are also known as tooth caps or dental caps because they cover the entire visible surface of a tooth. Dental caps are made of porcelain, ceramic, gold or other metal alloys. This makes them strong and durable. They are prepared in a laboratory before being bonded to the tooth.

How it Works

Before opting for a crown, we make a thorough examination of your tooth on the first visit to assess the extent of the damage. We may take digital radiographs to check the status of roots and the surrounding bone. If the decay is far-reaching, we do a root canal before proceeding to place the crown. If a root is not necessary, we prepare the tooth for the crown. This may mean filing the surface of the tooth to smoothen it and remove any parts that may interfere with fitting the crown. It might also mean filling up any damaged parts of the tooth to help it support the crown.

We then take an impression of the tooth and send it to the laboratory so that your crown can be made. The impressions of the adjacent teeth and those directly opposite are also taken to ensure the crown will not interfere with your bite. We place an acrylic crown on the tooth already prepared for the permanent crown to avoid further damage, which would also mean redoing the crown. Opting for a porcelain crown allows us to make a custom shade so the crown can match with your natural teeth. Crowns made of gold and other metal alloys have an advantage of durability. We often fuse the two materials for stronger and long-lasting crowns.

We schedule your second visit in a week or two when the crown is expected to be ready. During this visit, we remove the acrylic crown and fit the permanent one and test its fit. If no issues are noticed, we cement it to the tooth.

Opting for Dental Crowns

The decision of installing a dental crown may be made by the patient or by us. Patients will request for dental crowns when the cosmetic appearance of a tooth is not appealing, and the patient wants to give the tooth an aesthetic boost. A damaged or broken crown may push the patient to seek a replacement.

In consultation with the patient, we may recommend dental crowns if your teeth have been damaged and weakened by decay. In such instances, the crown has the function of strengthening the tooth. We also recommend crowns when you have cracked teeth to cement the pieces together. If you have a tooth that is discolored, severely damaged, or sharp and pointed from wear, we propose using crowns to cover the impairment.

In some cases, dental caps may also be used to cover a dental implant, shield a tooth that has undergone a root canal, or support a dental bridge.

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At Premier Dental, dental crowns are one of several types of dental restoration we perform on our patients. Click to learn more.
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